This autobiographical piece, “Homes and the world” depicts my inner journey as an immigrant and compares my earlier home and homeland India against modern America. It deals with my dreams, fears, confusions and my plight as a traditional woman. I was hoping miracles for my sickly child and other deprived kids. I am sometimes reminiscing my past. I tried to copy like monkeys and tried to become someone, which I was not! I see my past in a glimpse too like how I was washing and cleaning.

I manipulate or animate digital video clips of my earlier paintings, sculptures and travels to create new personal myths. The work is fusion of high tech and age old issues. The action of soccer ball represents the back and forth between two cultures I experience numerous times. The woman on the top reminds me how women go round and round and try to balance themselves in life.

Juggling between two different worlds gave me plenty of dreams, freedom and hopes on my way to the spiritual journey. I search myself through art and it helps me to survive and have faith in this confused and often contradictory world.